[CoursePress Pro] CoursePress Pro and SOAP UI

We are setting up an LMS for a client and thinking about using CoursePress Pro. The project includes creating a SOAP UI.

There will also be courses that are not included in the SOAP UI.

Does it seem likely that we can use CoursePress Pro for the project? Do you have any information of suggestions?

So that you have an idea of what we are working with, here are the instructions for creating a SOAP UI for the school to create an online presence with the Virginia DCJS.

Here is the WSDL that defines the webservice:

schoolid = The User Name they use to access the Training Session Management website (Osprey replacement)
pin = password used to access the Training Session Management Website.
courseid = 3 digit code for the session: e.g., 01E
SSN = Either DCJS or Social Security Number (with or without dashes) of student
Name - is the student's first middle, and last name (separated by spaces)

Allan McNabb