[CoursePress Pro] CoursePress Pro page reloading

Hi everybody,

I decided to try out CoursePress Pro to offer some basic free courses for clients that I develop websites for in order for them to be able to manage their website. I noticed that when I install and activate this plugin there seems to be a random reload on the wordpress admin.

The following theme and plugins are installed, does anybody know if any of these are known to have any issues with this plugin?

Theme – Divi


Defender Pro

Google Analytics +

Google Maps Pro

Hummingbird Pro

Smart Crawl

Smush Pro

Snapshot Pro

WP GDPR Compliance


There are other plugins installed but these are disabled at the moment. As this is a live site, I do not really want to disable any of the plugins above but am considering to install a clone of the site on another domain to check if there are any actual plugins installed that is causing this issue.

The random reloads seems to be occurring every few minutes (have not timed this so cannot give an exact time but do not think this is required but if needed I could possibly do this).

I looked at logs to see if there was anything that could be triggering this but apache logs just indicates page is being loaded. I have not tried this plugin on any other site.

Thanks in advance