CoursePress Pro Courses Not Showing Up


I am using the CoursePress Pro plugin to build my courses. I have built a course that has 11 units. I can see all 11 units fine, however I cannot manage to see the course. I have tried everything I can possibly find/read and think of, but nothing is working.

The basic issue is when I go to view the course I get the paragraph explanation, but not the units and the login and all the rest like the instructor details etc that should be with it. Basically if someone clicked on the course they would go no where because they would just get an explanation of what the course is, not the course is what I am saying.

Thanks for your help.

PS: You will see I had an issue recently with this plugin not showing content. I resolved this by deactivating marketpress plugin as I found that was causing a whole host of issues. I have once again gone through my plugins, but have not had any luck this time.