CoursePress Pro custom pages of courses and one line in the left of all the pages of CoursePress

Hi!, i am sorry because i am new with all your plugins and i am opening tickets all the time !.

I have been setting up the CoursePress Pro plugin but i have had a problem.

I have a line on the left on all the pages automatic generated by CoursePress, divi theme get all the info of the courses inside the default sidebar of the blog. I have deleted all the info of the sidebar to dont have things that i dont want in the courses but i could not get out the line of the sidebar so in the end i have all the info but with that line that disturb so much!

Any idea how to get off that line?

Could it be possible generate the pages of the course, all the pages, by me with shortcodes?

I have created pages like login, Dashboard and all that things that could be done with shortcuts and the settings/ General.

But seems that the pages like units, courses and that things could not be made by me. Is there any way of put some images, sliders, or whatever in this kind of pages?.

I want to get the design control of every page but seems really dificult with this plugin.