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I hope my explanation below is clear because English is not my native language.

We have a training institute and organize trainings, study days, …

I was looking for a CRM wordpress plug with the following functions;

In the front-end section, customers must be able to enter their details and enter a choice via radio buttons and drop-down menus. An autoresponder must confirm their choice.

It must be possible to classify the customers on the basis of the choices made in the registration form.

Customers must be able to receive an invoice in PDF and there must be a way to register payments from customers.

In the back-end we want to have their data, sent invoices, sent e-mails, payment history per customer.

Is there a way to set up all this with your plugins; multisite + CoursePress Pro, + membership + …?

Thanks in advance,

Frank Bosmans

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Frank

    Currently we don’t have any CRM plugin but depending on your needs it might actually be possible to create such install with some of our plugins + some external plugins + (optionally) some customization.

    I’m not exactly sure how CoursePress relates to this as you didn’t mention running any courses in your post and if you do run – how they are related to that entire customer management goal, but I’ll try to explain how I would approach the case.

    I’d start with a BuddyPress plugin. This sounds like an overkill but it really isn’t. The basic feature here would be it’s User Profile Fields feature that lets you create advanced registration forms and profiles and gives users/customers a nice and handy way to actually maintain and edit their profiles.

    Additionally, BuddyPress integrates with our Membership 2 Pro so that’s an additional benefit. By the way: soon it will be even easier to make such setup without BuddyPress because custom registration forms and a handy API for developers are coming to our own Forminator plugin. But that’s still ahead of us.

    So, getting back to the idea: you can use BuddyPress to create your registration, including your custom fields (they can be checkboxes). Then, the question is how do you want to “categorize” customers – should they have some WP user-roles assigned depending on the choices they made or should the be given some specific membership/access to site based on this?

    If the latter, then the Membership 2 Pro would be a good tool as you can create multiple memberships with it and these memberships can be free or paid (one time fee or recurring payment, automatically billed) and it creates invoices (though they are not very “highly customizable” I’m afraid).

    So, that could be used for the “biling/payment/access control” part.

    Then, depending whether you want to categorize customers manually or “automatically”:

    – if manually, that’s simple thing – you would set memberships in Membership 2 Pro as private, review Customer choices and based on them manually assign selected membership

    – if automatically, it gets a bit more complex because some additional custom code would be necessary, that would read user profile fields and then based on various conditions assign a membership.

    As the “choices” have to be confirmed by the “autoresponder”, I understand that this means that customer has to receive an e-mail summarizing the choices they made. WordPress automatically sends a registration confirmation e-mail and that could be customized with some additional code.

    In the back-end we want to have their data, sent invoices, sent e-mails, payment history per customer.

    The customer date would be available because you can always check WP users profiles and those additional fields (“choices”:wink: would also be visible for you in back-end.

    Membership 2 Pro would provide invocing and payment history for a customer.

    For the e-mails sent there would have to be an additional plugin and I think this one would do the trick:


    However, the downside of that all is that while it’s doable, it wouldn’t give you or your customer any “common dashboard” where you could have easy access to all these things out of the box. From customer point of view:

    – profile could be viewed/edited via BuddyPress profile page and/or “Membership 2 Pro” Account page

    – invoices and their history could be checked on Membership 2 Pro account page

    – there’d be no access to e-mail history

    From administrator point of view:

    – profiles could be viewed via BuddyPress on front but all the detailed information would be on “Users -> All Users” -> “Edit” page in back-end

    – billing (invoices, payments) information would be in Membership 2 Pro section of back-end

    – mail history would be in yet another section of backend.

    That’s not that complex as it sounds but whether it would work for you or not, that really depends on the scale and the way you want to use it. I think it would be best to setup some staging/dev site and just try to create something like that and see if that would match your requirements or not.

    Best regards,


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