[CoursePress Pro] Divi compatible with CoursePress

Hi there,
I am looking to make my Divi site work well with CoursePress (CP), but I am having difficulties.
All of the default CP pages are the Divi blog archive page, which automatically includes a sidebar of no use to CP.
The *perfect* outcome would be to use the existing Divi builder and build my CP pages. Is there any way to bypass the CP default pages and build my own so I have control over the layout and content? I tried tinkering with shortcodes but couldn't get them to show on my pages.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Angus Allan

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    There are two "types of pages" in CoursePress: one "type" are the "system pages" such as e.g. students dashboard etc and the other one are "course pages".

    The "system pages" - those are by default "virtual" pages but you can change it. Please go to "CoursePRess Pro -> Settings -> General Settings" page and for some of them you'll find an option to switch from "Use virtual page" and select any exiting "real" page of your site. For each of these pages you also got a shortcode listed that should be added to such page. To use that first create real pages for all those that can be switched and add relevant shortcode (you will want to do it via "Text" module, preferably in "Text" mode of editor).

    Then there are also "system pages" that are not "switchable" - these are those that in a "Slugs" section of the "General Settings" so the way to affect them would be to create custom templates. The basic idea is to create a custom page template, customized to your needs on template file level.

    A starting point can be e.g. a copy of a default page or post template or Divi's blank page template. You would want to take care of the template file names though, as the pages are addressed by slugs. This should be helpful here:


    Finally, you got "course pages". Since courses are custom posts, you should be able to follow the same path by creating custom templates for "course" and, optionally, "unit" post types. Again, that can be based on one of exiting Divi templates, the article linked above should also help with template naming.

    Give it a try please and if you have any additional questions, let me know.

    Kind regards,

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