Coursepress Pro Fatal Error: Fatal Errors for Logged In Users

(Creating a new thread as per the request of the support staff):

I have the most recent version of the plugin running, and yet I am still getting Fatal Errors for logged in users (not admin - that works fine). I worked extensively yesterday with my host company and this is what they had to say at the end of troubleshooting:


I have attempted to troubleshoot this matter from our end with little
success. To eliminate the database server itself as a potential cause for
the behavior of your site, I took the liberty of copying the database to a
newer DB server,, with no different in results.

I also changed the method in which PHP is executed, from FCGI to CGI, and
increased the default memory_limit settings, to no avail.

I was able to locate a few support threads on the CoursePress site
regarding other users of this plugin/theme having some similar issues. I do
not see any posted resolutions, however.

You may be best served by contacting the developers of this plugin and
inquire in regard to any troubleshooting steps they could recommend to
figure out why your site is not loading for logged-in users."

Please help! I have paying customers and the software platform is broken!