CoursePress Pro Feature requests and fixes

CoursePress Pro Feature Requests

Put a link to a usage tutorial in the plugin header area. I could not find one on how to run the input.

Please stop overriding standard wordpress login for the site administrator by automatically transferring to the course login page when wp-login.php is the requested url.

When sending an invitation to an instructor, have the instructors name and email put into a pending area in the DB or in the plugin so when the confirm link is clicked the the Invalid Invitation message does not come up.

Make it plain, the instructor should set up a user name and password then click the confirm link or put a message the administrator needs to add the instructor to the user profile before sending the invitation. This was one of the most confusing areas I have tested so far.

A better email to the instructor would read

Hi Instructor,

Congratulations! You have been invited to become an instructor for the course: Fly Fishing for Beginners

To see information about the course, click the link below.


If you choose to accept the invitation, you will need to create a user and password to login into the course if you have not done so before.


After you have a user and password, please click the link below to confirm your acceptance.


Closing salutation

Summaries, units and element Preview on Draft mode seem to have trouble loading my browser FF v 35. Preview loads better when in live course mode.

WPMU has lots of wonderful articles on drag and drop page builders and themes. Seems to me that that functionality could have been used in this plugin.

1. Use the standard Post editor where plugins such as tinymce advanced can be used to extend the functionality of the skinny editor supplied with CP Pro. (such as adding a table for example)

Or make plugins apply to CP Pro like they do to standard wordpress posts, pages, etc

2. Add the autosave that WordPress uses in the posts and pages area to the editor function in CP Pro so we don’t lose our work accidentally.

3. In the Course Draft Mode in Overview and Description areas >> ADD a Save button that actually saves what is in the editor instead of publishing a blank page (This has been confirmed) because there was no autosave function attached to the current next button. Keep the next and previous for moving between sections.

I found that when the course is in published mode, any changes or new additions get saved before publishing. ie. Save actually Saves.

4. In the units area when adding an element, there is the choice to show the unit header in the course and each element header. When I chose not to use a 1st element header because the header was the same as the header of the 1st element not checking the 1st page header to be shown resulted in a blank page header in the course summary when published. So the header function is always on would be my assumption. And the check box does not mean anything.