CoursePress Pro Functionality Questions

Hey Guys,

First let me apologize for this kind of being a mash of questions some generic some possible feature requests. I just figured it would be cleaner to put this all in one instead of breaking it in to 6 different posts.

Here it goes:

1. Is there a way to set a deadline for when students can withdraw from a course? If the course is on 1/9/15, I wouldn't want them to be able to withdraw same day or day before, would need like 48 hours of notice.
2. Is there a way to have a student withdraw from a course and move to another one if they need to without having to go through a refund & re-purchasing process?
3. When duplicating a course, is there a way for it to also carry over the cost, and default to be live instead of draft (also for the units section)?
4. Is there a way to split payment processors? Like if we say this course will be paid for we say 80% goes to PayPal and 20% goes to Stripe for example?
5. Is there a way to attach an invoice or receipt to the automated email after a student registers and pays?
6. Finally, wanted to know if there was a way to put the TOS plugin on the users profile page as well in case it updates they can re-approve it?

Thank you, and again sorry for the mashup of questions.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Danny! Happy New Year!

    Let's try to hit these one by one. I think a lot of these may end up being feature requests, but let's see what we can do here. :slight_smile:

    1. Not as of right now, but I think this is an excellent request.

    2. Automatically, no, but this could be done manually with only a couple of clicks to remove students from their old class and put them in the new one without going through the purchase process twice, or having to issue a refund on your end.

    3. The cost should duplicate when you clone the course, but currently a cloned course will default to draft until you choose to publish it.

    4. Not at this time, and I'm going to go ahead and guess that this will be unlikely as a future request, just because of the level of complexity required.

    5. That's a great feature request!

    6. I'm feeling especially unhelpful here, but this is also something that's not available at this time. The TOS plugin only appears in relation to the sign-up process, we don't currently have a simple (or even relatively simple) way to add it to other content without some fairly extensive custom code.

    I'm more than happy to move this to the feature request forum. Here's a hint: The more popular a feature request is among the members, the more likely it is to be added. Drumming up support for your requests among your fellow members is the fastest way to get the dev's attention.

    Thanks for your great ideas here, Danny!

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