Coursepress Pro help

I have been looking at coursepress pro as a possible solution for a client who runs regular classroom courses who wants to sell places on the courses online, accept online enrolments and administration. some course materials would be available online but most of the teaching would be face to face.
I set up a few sample courses but couldn't work out how a student can purchase and enrol in a course even though the course appears as a product in marketpress. When I am logged in an enrol button appears but the button doesn't appear to potential students. Am I missing something in the setup?
I was also looking for a way to setup a course that is run on a weekly basis with multiple start dates to choose from similar to a variable type product with a date attribute. Is this possible or would the course have to be duplicated for every week?
I have been unable to find any in depth documentation or tutorials for coursepress. Can you provide any link to such material?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.