CoursePress Pro is skipping units only on Student Accounts

Units two and three are not visible to the students. I can see unit one, then it skips to unit four, it complexly leaves out unit two and unit three.
Student login credentials and more details in chat transcript.

  • Dennis Maloney

    Hello Oguz,

    I appreciate you looking into the problems for me..

    I reported that when I was logged in as a student, and on the units page, that I was not able to see units two and three. I was able to progress through the course from one unit to the next.

    I accessed the course from a separate computer, cleared the cache in Opera and Chrome and got the same results.

    It continued until the afternoon that I reported the problem. Now, it appears to be corrected.

    The other issue we discussed was the fact that when the student logs out and returns to the course, they are not taken to the point where they left off.

    They are taken to My Courses. There is nothing on the page to tell the to click in the course name to continue. When the course name is clicked they are taken to the Continue Learning button, and then taken back to Unit one.

    It takes them back to the very beginning of the course and not to the unit where they left off.

    You and I may know how to navigate the system to get to the point where they left off, but it should be straight forward and easy even for the computer novice to navigate.

    Dennis Maloney

  • Oguz

    Hey Dennis Maloney ,

    Hope you're doing well today.

    I tested the process for my installation and at your website. First I logged in, then enroll the course, then finish the first unit. I logged out then logged in again. When I go to the course page and click the continue learning button it takes me a second unit, not to the beginning of the course. So I need more information about that how can I replicate it?

    For My Courses page, you can use [coursepress_dashboard] shortcode to create a custom page. And page content will be above my courses table. So you can add any notification to that page.


  • Dennis Maloney

    Greetings Oguz,

    Thanks again for looking into this issue...
    A few months ago I was about to launch my courses using a friend convinced me that I needed to use CoursePress Pro and get people to stay on my website and not go to a different website... SOOO, I started using CoursePress Pro... I have spent a LARGE amount of time trying to learn how to use CoursePress Pro... I have read the instructions, many of the other documents that was supposed to help... I became obvious to me in my last support chat that CoursePress Pro in not ready for prime time.... It needs a lot of updated/improvements.... I wanted to copy and paste the last Chat Transcript but this system will not allow me to past it here... I will try to attach a copy of my chat last Saturday ...

    I need a system that is easier for the students to understand how to access the courses, get back to the part of the course where they have ended and continue on without having to spend time becoming a computer geek.... If the system is improved in the near future, I MAY try it again... but for now I will either go back to or find another system that fulfills my requirements.

    Dennis Maloney

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