[CoursePress Pro] Learn-Paths/Course-Bundles + Limit Access for certain time

Codecademy recently introduced Learn-Paths, which is basically a bundle of courses (see https://www.codecademy.com/catalog/subject/all)

Is it possible to do that with CoursePress Pro, too? Or could that feature be implemented? I’m sure nearly every CoursePress-User would like to have that feature! :slight_smile:

Second feature is, to give users access to courses for a certain time, eg 1 year after they enrolled. After that time they could renew for a discounted price, if they want to. How about that one? Or maybe it can be realized with your membership-plugin?

If that can not be implemented now, would it be very complicated for a talented coder to add that functions while keeping the plugin itself updateable?

Thanks + best regards!