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I am having trouble finding the correct size for the listing image on the courses. It seems like some images are huge and I can't get them sized correctly. Can you please help me with the ideal dimensions the listing image should be in?

See these examples of listing images. It's just way too big.

BTW, I got all the way to Theme Support -> -> but I couldn't select an installed theme. The field was blank. Sorry I had to submit this generic. It was the only way.

Thank you!


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Liliana!

    The reason your image dimensions look off is because we resize based on the width of the image to make it fit the CoursePress theme. So for the first course you linked, since the image is much longer than it is wide, it's taking up a lot of vertical space. The course images tend to look best if they're wider than they are tall. You could try cropping the first image (so it's not a full body shot). The second image is a little trickier, although if you cropped out the bottom 10% or so (under the login button in the image, the text under is hard to read in an image anyway) I think it would look more balanced.

    The ideal ratio there is the standard 4:3, which is the ratio most YouTube videos and digital photos are shot in. (an 800 x 600 image, for example, has a 4:3 ratio.)

    Hope this helps!

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