Coursepress Pro modules are gone

Coursepress Pro modules are gone. When I look at the courses it says 0 module 9 published, so they seem to be somehow registered but not visible anymore

Have not performed the plugin conflict test. Error log is in chat. It was suggested that I update to version 2 but I would like it fixed for version

  • Brand Rocket

    I must say the support handling of this extremely urgent issue has been quite horrible.

    I lost connection with Luis in the chat
    Then another took over, I talked to her
    She then lost connection and then the third one wanted me to explain everything from scratch.

    By then I had found an issue with the database which I sent to the supporter. But even then, it was not placed into the above ticket, which nobody has even bothered to answer.

    Because it was so critical, which nobody seemed to care about, I have now worked overtime and fixed it myself. So I guess support is happy, just not me - the customer.

  • Oguz

    Hey Brand Rocket ,

    I hope you are well, today!

    I am really sorry to hear that you couldn't get answer in enough time. We are handling every request in order and we care every support request.

    Let me explain one thing about plugin. We can not guarantee that old plugin versions can work with latest WordPress version. So I strongly recommend that update your plugin.

    I hope you will be more happy at the next support request.


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