[CoursePress Pro] Need to remove certification from two students on a course

I only had one assignment in a homeschool course that I am trying to teach my kids. As soon as they finished the assignment it listed them as certified. How can I remove this certification. They shouldn't have this for another 36 weeks.

  • viobru

    Hi, Luke!

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    I was checking this and I can't find any way to achieve this, but I guess that this would be achievable using custom code. I will ping my teammates from SLS to check if they can provide a way to accomplish this. Please note that more advanced issues such as this may take a little more time to answer since they work round the clock and they have to deal with lots of critical issues on a daily basis, so it may take a little while for them to check this and give feedback.
    Thanks for your comprehension.

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  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hi Luke ,

    Let's clarify things a bit because we can easily get lost between words here and depending on what you mean by "certified" it is going to be a different answer and most likely coding way to achieve it.

    CP is designed to automatically Certify + Generate Certificates as soon as a student successfully finishes a course depending on the grade value needed.

    That being said I wanted to ask what exactly do you want it to "not" do. Not list as "Certified", not produce a Certificate or to not finish the Course at all without grading for the next X amount of weeks?

    Each case has a different solution and before I can explain the answer or write code I'd need to be certain on this so we can have the scope of the question right and avoid miscommunication.


  • Luke

    The scenario that I'm trying to avoid is that when I go to the students tab of the edit page for a course, it has two of the students listed as certified because they reached the end of the material for the course right after I had only added a few things. There is no way for me to take away their certification. I would rather give certification manually and not automatically if at all possible.

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