CoursePress Pro not showing the same amount course to different admin.

We are a college here in ueensland australia, and one of our websites runs coursepress pro.

Now we have a teacher making many many courses for us on coursepress and she had made over 20 courses and she logs into wordpress and coursepress using her account and makes the courses.

But then when i log into my admin account.. the courses are not available (same amount) to be viewed or edited by me it looks like she hasn’t done any courses.

But on her account, it’s all there, all edited and ready to publish…

  • Majid
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    Hey there Sonya

    I hope you are doing great today :slight_smile:

    I checked the courses list from both admin accounts you have shared (one is the courses instructor I think) and both had the same amount of courses available.

    So please let me know if I’m missing something here.



  • Sonya
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    i will explain again ok?

    we have 1 teacher updating coursepress, and making new courses all the time. and then on her computer she uploads them to coursepress

    however, when i log in as an administrator to coursepress on a different computer, the courses she uploaded are not there.

    she is putting dozens and dozens of courses up. but for some reason when she publishes them, they only stay on her computer, and can only be accessed by her account on her computer.

    how come her courses are not appearing on the website when she publishes them, and how come i cannot access her courses when i log into coursepress from a different computer?

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Sonya,

    hope you’re doing good today! :slight_smile:

    I just investigated this a bit more and have to say that I couldn’t find a way to make a course “privately published” like in your website.

    I wonder, is this CoursePress version coming from some time before, like from v.2 for example?

    I noticed that your admin account has some capabilities that neither the second instructor, nor my testing admin user have.

    You can see these in the “edit profile” page of user “margot”


    Can you try to compare all capabilities between these two users and assign to second one the missing ones, using a plugin like this one? For example, :read_private_courses“.

    This should resolve the issue, even though I’m really curious on how this happened firstly! :slight_smile:

    Looking forward for your results,


  • Sonya
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    Ok guys, i have installed the plugin “User Role Editor”

    and i have logged into the user account settings.. and there is something very strange

    the only difference in the admin user and the margot user.. is that the margot user has 246 custom abilities, and the admin has 244

    and both lists have all boxes clicked, which means, the margot user has 2 extra abilites that the admin cannot access…

    i cannot change the abilities, because the extra abilities do not exist in the admin account.

  • Sonya
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    i have changed the account capabilities for Margot… she had two extra capabilities that the administrator did not have.

    Margot had the following capabilities connected to her user



    The Admin user did not have these privileges, so i removed them from Margot… and now her account says it has 244 custom abilities instead of 246

    i changed her capabilites.. but her courses have still not populated…

  • Sonya
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    SO, i have removed margots permissions, and her courses are still NOT updating.

    I also tried a workaround…this is what i did, i made Margot EXPORT one of her courses (Photography: Building Your Portfolio), and then i imported that file into coursepress again under the admin account and under a new name

    Photography: Building Your Portfolio (martin version)

    i thought this was a great work around, until i realized that Margot’s account can’t see the course i uploaded!!!!

    help me please… this is very important to us, and we pay for a program we can not use

  • Sonya
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    NEW UPDATES – after changing the permissions on margots account, nothing seemed to change

    we exported one of her courses, and uploaded it again using the admin account.

    BUT we logged into margots account FROM A DIFFERENT computer and the admin course was uploaded to her account to access – Photography: Building Your Portfolio (martin version) – but none of her other courses are available

    AND if we log back into Margots account form her regular computer the new course DOESN’T SHOW UP…

    this is getting out of hand

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Sonya,

    hope you’re doing good today! :slight_smile:

    I just went ahead and inspected the courses with the two given user accounts and I can see that both are seeing the same amount of courses now and all of these are actual editable.

    EDIT (something went off with attachments, I’m sharing links instead)

    Were you able to resolve this eventually? Please advise! :slight_smile:

    Please keep in mind that there’s also another issue with instructor permissions as explained here:

    This is about making changes in instructor’s capabilities, as it has no effect in existing instructors, so if you make changes in there, you should then create a new user and assign him as an instructor.

    Warm regards,


  • Sonya
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    NO NO NO

    I have figured out the problem, but i cannot fix it

    Margots Account is –

    and she logs in through her computer and edits courses

    my admin account is – aicdedu

    coursepress is like facebook, i can log into any account i want, through any computer in the world so long as i have an internet browser

    on margots computer, the only account that can log in is

    if i try to log in with any other account on margots computer (admin or otherwise) i receive the error message “login details do not exist, please check username and password”

    but the login details are correct.

    i have tried, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, and then i tried all 3 again in private browsing.

    no matter what i do on her computer, only margots account can be accessed, and every other account connected to coursepress cannot login.

    i do not understand why

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