CoursePress Pro Page Templates & CSS with Divi Theme

I've gone through the support forums for about 2 hours because I was determined to find answering without actually asking for help lol, but I couldn't find any relevant and/or updated answers to any of the issues I'm having with CoursePress and the Divi Theme.

1. I'd like to have all of the actual Course Page Sidebars, changed to the Sidebar widget I created called "Membership Sidebar". (The Course Page I'm speaking of is the Course Pages shown while the student is taking the course)
Example link here:

2. I'd like to Change all the Main Courses Display Pages to Full Width. In other words, the Course Page where the visitors buys the course to Full Width.
Example Page here:

3. Can I please know of the CSS selectors I would need to edit to change these pages? I'd like to style them simpler (but not completely) like the CoursePress Theme.

I already have a Custom CSS plugin installed, just need to know the selectors Or receive the actual code of the CoursePress Theme to copy to my CSS plugin.

This is being setup on a subsite,, of my multisite

Please let me know if anything is unclear.
I've already granted access.

Thanks a ton!