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Issues: CoursePress Pro is not saving content. After logging out and coming back later, conent is gone. More specifically, content in overview, units, etc

Host: WPEngine

I'm Creating a post for this issue as I have to do some conflict testing based on support chat below. Will update when I'm done. Original chat is below.

11:58 pm in Oujda, Morocco

I'm having problems with CoursePress Pro. When I save things (units, modules, etc) the content does not get saved. I can view it in preview but when I log out and come back later, all the content is gone.
4:22 pm
Hey there, thank you for contacting us.

Sorry to hear that, what's the URL of the website where you're having this issue?
Could you please help us by enabling support access on your site so we can take a look?
Im also seeing some error in the error log and have a WP Engine guy in another chat
I dont' know if they are related

Please share the error with us too, maybe it can help our tech staff to find the issue.
PHP Warning: stream_select(): You MUST recompile PHP with a larger value of FD_SETSIZE.\nIt is set to 1024, but you have descriptors numbered at least as high as 1098.\n --enable-fd-setsize=2048 is recommended, but you may want to set it\nto equal the maximum number of open files supported by your system,\nin order to avoid seeing this error again at a later date. in /nas/content/staging/acsuserguide/wp-content/plugins/wp-defender/app/module/audit/component/audit-api.php on line 231, referer:
and also this one: [Thu Jun 08 23:44:44.789763 2017] [:error] [pid 17149] [client] purge_varnish_cache() failed for: (localhost) #^(acsuserguide\\.staging\\.wpengine\\.com)$# #(/module/untitled(.*)|^/$|/feed)#, referer:
probably is the second one - it mentions units

Allow me one moment please while I escalate this with our support staff. Due to high volume of chats this can take from 10 to 15 minutes, we appreciate your patience.
ok, thanks
Hey Jay :slight_smile:

How are you doing ?
hi! Doing well thanks

Do you have a cache plugin enabled by any chance ?
wp engine using caching, I believe
ive asked hin what they use
one moment

purge_varnish_cache() is probably causing issue
PURGE VARNISH CACHE, are you familiar with that?

is it a plugin ?
i've never heard of it. Wpengine guy says that the only cache plugins would be ones i've installed and i have not done so
it's a wordpress function
actually it's a plugin but I have not installed it. maybe it came bundled with another thing

Yes can you try deactivating it, and retry saving the Course/Unit ?
it's not in my list
it could be used by something else

We need to perform a plugin conflict test
doing that now
working with the wpengine guy right now
the reason for the purge varnish cache issue is because they have that installed in production but not in staging, that's where i'm working'
he said that wasn't it. so I will continue with the conflict test

Ok let me know when that's is done
it's going to be a while. it is possible to open a ticket or something that I can make notes on for you 'all?

We can do that yes
thank you
1m ago.