[CoursePress Pro] Pre Requisite Course Button not functioning

Hello superheroes,

We're experiencing a very strange problem with the course join button – the contextual one that appears on the course details page.

To help give context to the problem, we have two courses: Course A and Course B. Course A is a prerequisite to Course B.

My understanding is that if users go to Course B before completing Course A they should see the 'pre requisite required' (or similar) button appearing on the course details page, which should direct them to Course A's page.

At the moment, new users are experiencing a strange problem. If they visit Course B, they see the "Pre Requisite Required" button instead of "sign up and start learning". The button directs them to the course details page – the page they're already on!

If they are logged in and view Course A, they see a 'Details' button page which, again, just reloads the same page, rather than a the start / begin learning button (or similar)

We're absolutely stumped by this! The enrollment settings for Course A are 'any registered user'. I feel like there might be something silly we're missing here…! Any advice you can give would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks again!