Coursepress Pro - Prerequisite Course Issue


I am having an issue with enrolment on courses relying on prerequisite course completion.

I have 2 courses, A & B.
Course B requires Course A to be complete before enrolment is allowed.
Course A consists of 1 quiz question, it is required that the quiz is answered but it is not assessable.
Course A requires a pass mark of 0% to complete.

After completing Course A, the course completion page shows up which has the shortcode '[course_join_button course_id="COURSE_B_ID"]. This shortcode links to the units list page of course B.

Once you click on Course B unit list it then redirects you to Course B overview with the 'Start Learning' button. This is instead of the Course B Unit Page. The Course overview page also states the Course A must be complete first even though it already is. I guess this is just information but either way despite the student completing course A they are still unable to enrol on course B.

If you then click on the 'Start Learning' button it takes you to the unit list page again. The process is then repeated.

I have granted support access should it be required. If you are to access the admin area please note Course A = Mini Course and Course B = Smart: One Time Fee - The Assessment