[CoursePress Pro] Saving existing unit causes activity in units after changed unit to be reset

I have an existing Course with 8 Units and each unit has several Sections.

Each Section has a mandatory question.

If I as a student complete, for example, 7 Units and then as admin, go into Unit 3 and do a "Save Whole Units," then as the Student, my progress now shows as undone for Units 3-7 which had previously been done. Looking at the Units page, it shows the percentage as incomplete.

However, if all I do is refresh the Units page in the browser, each Unit progressively updates as complete! For example:

1) Complete Units 1-7.

2) Change Unit 3 (a simple save – no real change necessary)

3) View Units page and 3-7 show as incomplete (were complete before).

4) Refresh the browser page for the Units page and now 4-7 incomplete.

5) Refresh the page, 5-7 incomplete.

6) Refresh….6-7. Note that I am NOT viewing the pages in 4-7 but simply updating the Units viewing page.

7)…eventually if I refresh the page enough, it all catches up to where I was before.

However, one more oddity:

1) Complete Units 1-7

2) Change 3

3) Refresh the Units viewing page a few times so that 3 and 4… again shows as completed.

4) Change Unit 7(!!!).

5) You would think that 7 would show incomplete based on my original description but no, once again, 3-7 show as incomplete. NOT just 7 which was just changed.

I have no idea where to start with this one!