Coursepress Pro: Unit title - Page label

I REALLY want to get rid of PAGE LABELS. As you can see in the screen shots the basically everything is doubled. It's an aesthetic issue. I want to show the time of the unit as these lessons are video based.

If I leave page label blank users will see, Untitled Page as in the screen shot.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Douglas,

    Hope you're doing well today.

    You can edit what shows on the course structure via:

    Courses > "edit" desired course > Go to "Step 2 - Course Description".

    Then below the description box you will have the course structure and you can de-select "show" for the ones you don't want to be included in the structure view :slight_smile:

    Does that resolve your issue? If you have any further questions just let us know.

    All the best,

  • Douglas

    I'm afraid that that does not resolve anything. As you can see in my first screen shot
    if I leave a page label blank, user will see "Untitled Page". (see lesson one in screen shot) There is no way to deactivate this and still have unit titles.

    If I follow your instructions and deselect SHOW, then we get this:
    a course dashboard with the label COURSE STRUCTURE with no structure labeled???

    That would be pointless. I'm not sure i'm explaining well. I want to see ONLY the lesson labels with times - and eliminate page labels.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Douglas,

    You will want to de-select the pages only, so leave the unit title selected but de-select each page title.

    I've just done that for the course in my screenshot below:

    You can see on the frontend now that it will still show the unit titles but just remove the page titles you didn't want there :slight_smile:

    Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding what you're after here. If I am just let me know and I'll have another look.


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