[CoursePress Pro] Video Conference tools that integrate well with Coursepress Pro?

Hello, Do you know of any video meeting/conference options that integrate well with Coursepro? I'm having trouble finding a solution and since this client has other courses using Coursepro I don't want to have to switch to one of the big platforms that host the course and do video meetings. I was hoping a Google Hangout would suffice (we aren't worried about whitelabeling) but apparently all the students wouldn't end up in the same meeting. It would be a not very tech savvy crowd so I can't make things too complicated. I appreciate any thoughts or insights as to what others might have tried? The meeting would be small groups such as 10 or less people and the specifics can depend on the available solutions if need be. Although if a few people could discuss at once as opposed to one person who lectures many others that would be great. Thank you!!