Coursepress Pro with extra 'Course' in menu


I have just installed CoursePress Pro on my website. However, the plugin does not automatically create the pages 'Courses' (this was not the case when I installed CoursePress Pro in my other website in the past). Yet, strangely, it has 'Courses' in the menu. As I would like the Front page to be static and pointing to 'Courses', I tried creating a new page call 'Courses' and point the Front page of my website to it. However, this causes 2 'Courses' items to be on my menu. I have no way to remove it, it is not a custom link in menu nor is it a page. If I do not create the page 'Courses', I have no way to set the Front page to Courses. I do not know why the plugin creates a 'Courses' item in the menu and yet it is neither a page nor a custom link and no way to be removed.

I have grant you Support Access. Please see the website

Please help.