Coursepress Pro WooCommerce and Description cut short

When using the default virtual page for the course catalog or even when trying to use the shortcodes, coursepress is only showing the first few words of the short description, it's not wrapping the text to fit the box. How can I fix this so it shows more of the description? I have enclosed a screenshot. Also, is there a more detailed tutorial on how to customize the look using the shortcodes? I would like to use physical pages for some that are set as virtual (like the catalog view) but I can't recreate that view using the shortcodes.

I would like to use WooCommerce for my course, I have it installed and then integration set up but do you have a step by step set up that might help me as I see the courses in the products but I'm being told I have no products. Also I have a free course I would like added but it's not picking up my free course in that it is not showing up in the woo products.