CoursePress Pro: "You must be logged in..." issue and Course Details Not Showing


I've been trying to be a smarty-pants (!) and merge all the login pages for the plugins I use into one central Account page using shortcodes. I have created one Account page, and from there I want my future customers to be able to access everything they have bought from my site; WooCommerce memberships, WooCommerce digital products, and of course, CoursePress Pro courses (which are sold through WooCommerce too).

I have created a test user and just 'bought' my course, but when I try to access it through the Account page, the only thing that shows is the course title, no units are visible to click on. There was also a glitch where I somehow ended up with 2 WooCommerce products for the same course, so not sure if this is the cause, although I have unpublished the second product, changed the course image so that I can be sure I am looking at the correct one, bought the first one, and it still isn't showing any details (not even the description) when I log in as the test user and try to access my Account.

I also find when I try to log in (or out, if using my Admin account) of the Account page that I get the error "You must be logged in in order to complete the action".

Can you help please to point me in the right direction to fix all these little glitches?!

Many thanks and kind regards