CoursePress rewards/badges for BuddyPress


is there any simple (no custom coding) integration or plugin available to have a BuddyPress community site that will show badges for courses/levels completed with CoursePress ?

CubePoints seems outdated –

BadgeOS has an add on specifically for BuddyPress –

myCRED seems great –

so basically here is what i am thinking,

we all know a community is great way to build a following and keep users coming back etc.

i could be wrong but, courses, teaching, classrooms, learning is better achieved with help, communication and "a community" – BuddyPress.

but how ? just throw a community in there ? how to tie them together ? there may be many solutions but it crossed my mind to show some how what members have done, learnt, or achieved via the above mentioned plugins.

just say the word and i will gladly email the above plugin authors and suggest they include CoursePress as add-ons.

But i am not sure technically which side the integration has to be done from, or possibly both sides.

– by the way, in my research i saw the newest myCRED has included MarketPress so they obviously appreciate great stuff already :slight_smile:

should this be a feature request/suggestion ?

any kind thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again !!!