CoursePress Suggestion - Course duplicate feature is awesome, can we have duplicate with templates?

Hi Team,

Firstly, i would like to thanks CoursePress team and appreciate for making such an awesome plugin. You guys rock!

I have few suggestions, not sure if this makes any sense but would still like to put up:
1. Course duplicate feature is amazing, but can we have preset/pre-created template(s) instead? Primarily this will take care of following: various title in the content, text font and size, typography. This will save lot of time and also make the portal look unanimous, as various instructors are going to use this common resource.
2. Assuming if instructor wants to take a test/assessment before letting students to enroll for the course. Just a way to filter the students at level one and before enrollment. Not sure if they will still be occupying the space in the DB or will get flushed if the students fail in the assessment?

Thanks once again.

Have a nice day