coursepress theme and formatting for courses

I’m working on moving my e-courses onto CoursePress Pro (one of the big reasons I came on to WPMUDEV), but the CoursePress theme seems to have some very buggy formatting. See the alignment and text formatting in the Course Structure section (not to mention that the “download” link shouldn’t be there).

And it looks like the other Themes are no longer downloadable from WPMUDEV, so I can’t try another one from here to see if it looks any better.

I can try other outside themes, but then the WPMUDEV CoursePress Pro stuff isn’t really in the formatting there, so it ends up really plain, and not formatted well for the courses.

I’d love to launch the courses on this platform, but thought it might be easier to get this put together without getting into a ton of custom theme development and formatting.

Thoughts? Suggestions?