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I'm attempting to build an e-Learning platform for a client using Themify Flow and CoursePress Pro. I would have used Upfront however, according to the forum threads I've read, it seems that it has no support for CoursePress Virtual Pages.

I'm having difficulty getting the Themify Flow post template I've created to apply to the CoursePress Pro posts. The test course I've created shows up under the posts section in the Themify Flow Template, but the output of the page shows that it's using a page template.

For confidentiality reasons I'd prefer not to post a URL publicly so let me know if there are any further details you need.

Does anyone have any insight into this situation?


  • Dimitris
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    Hey there COXTECH Geek,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    CoursePress compatibility in Upfront is requested by a large amount of users and it's on the roadmap of Upfront themes, I really can't provide any ETA on this though. Keep an eye in our blog and you should get the news as soon as possible!

    As for the builder you're using, I have no experience with it but you should be able to use shortcodes and CoursePress is coming with a bunch of those as can be found in your admin area under CoursePress -> Settings -> Shortcodes [sidemenu]

    If this still troubles you, you can grant us support access via WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin as described here (no need to share URL or credentials):

    Warm regards,

  • COXTECH Geek
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    Hi Dimitris,
    Thanks for your help. I've done as you suggested and allowed access to the website. If you could investigate and let me know would be most helpful.

    I've found a more appropriate builder plugin, but am still having the same issue of CoursePress Pro plugins not appearing as valid post types.

    Thanks. Jack

  • Predrag Dubajic
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    Hi Jack,

    I see that you switched to Live Composer now so I gave this a go on my installation and I'm afraid that the plugin doesn't support custom post types.

    It's not related to CoursePress because I also tried registering custom post type directly in my theme and that was not showing in templates as well.

    It looks like Live Composer supports only the types that are registered with the plugin itself, meaning, Downloads, Galleries, Partners, Projects, Staff and Testimonials.

    Best regards,

  • COXTECH Geek
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    Thanks Predrag, that gave me an idea. I found some instructions over on the LiveComposer Help site on how to add LiveComposer support to custom post types. I've configured this for CoursePress Pro courses and it appears to be functioning correctly now.

    It would seem that with LiveComposer, the LiveComposer Blank theme and CoursePress Pro combined it's possible to design an education platform from scratch without the need to manually code and maintain a custom theme.


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