Coursepress Update causing issues


After the update to CoursePress 2, some of the funcutionlity seems to be broken.
In particualr, the sign up flow does not funcition in the same way as before.

Previosuly, if a new visiotr (i.e. not a user) attempted to sign up for the course, it would present them with the sign up form in a lightbox, and then take them straight to payment/entrollment once they have submitted the details. Now, when they click on the button, they are taken to the sign in page, and when they register have to re-select the coruse etc. This deosn't work for our new customer aquistion flow.

Also, once a user is signed up, but not enrolled, the button doens't seem to take you to enrolmment/payment- instead nothing happens when clicked.

The page that has these issues is which is the only route onto enrollment/sign up that should be publicly visible.

Any ideas?



PS- Support access granted if needed.