Coursepress update made my site very slow

After the most recent update my site is moving very slow. I have granted support access to it fyi.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Ryan!

    I ran a YSlow test on your site, and your results are actually very good. (The top grade, for reducing HTTP requests, is almost universally bad for WordPress sites running plugins, because plugins all come with their own scripts and stylesheets.) I've only seen one WordPress site that wasn't completely custom coded (as in no third party plugins) get an A on YSlow, and most sites get a C. So in terms of how things are loading, you're not actually in bad shape. I do see the slowness you see, especially on the admin side, but I don't think it's affecting your outside traffic at this point.

    Regardless, let's do a few checks to confirm it's solely CoursePress holding you up here by doing two tests.
    1. Disable CoursePress (before you do this, temporarily switch to a default WP theme so you don't get a whitescreen when the CoursePress theme tries to load) and leave everything else (but the theme, obviously) as it is. Does everything load zippy for you again?
    2. Turn CoursePress and the CoursePress theme back on, and disable everything else. How do things load now?

    If both tests give you a zippy site, that means there's something else at play here that's slowing you down. It could be a small conflict between another plugin and CoursePress, so we should try to narrow down where exactly the trouble starts.


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