Coursepress user can send a file even though he graded

Hi !

How's the team going ?

Im facing an important disturbance on my site. When a user submit an assignment, i correct it and grade him. The minimum grade required is 50%. If the user get more than 50%, i do not want him to be able to submit a file again in the same unit. Actually, he can do that.

Thats really disturbing because if he does that, he loses the initial grade, my comments, and the link to the graded file. In this case, i need to correct the assignment again, grade it again, upload the corrected file again, and comment it again...

So here's the question : how to disable this capability ?

Ps : i do not want to use the "limit attempts" feature because the user needs to have more than 50% to pass to the next unit. If i set the limit attempts to 1 and he fails, he will not be able to continue.

Sometimes, my students send me 2 or 3 times the same assignment untill they get a minimum of 50% to pass to the next unit.

Thx for time guys, and i hope i was clear enough :slight_smile: