Coursepress + Woocommerce = redirecting incorrectly

Hey there,

After wrestling with marketpress for months, client has decided to jump ship and move their shopping cart to woocommerce. (humongous coupon issue we were having a few months ago came back and it was the last straw)

I'm working on the setup of the woo shopping cart here:

Here is the shop area:

The first 4 items on that page are coursepress classes. The Woocommerce products are linked up with their respective Coursepress classes, but here's where our issue is:

When you go into coursepress settings and turn on the checkbox marked in the attached screenshot, it's messing up the basic main shop link ( When that checkbox is turned on, clicking on "shop" in the site's navbar takes user to a coursepress class page.

I had to turn the checkbox off because I need to show client I've made progress this evening, and she can't be seeing incorrect redirects that are blocking her from seeing what I worked on tonight.

Support access granted, please take a look at this asap.