CoursePress wrong number of certified student

CoursePress doesn't show the real number of certified students on a course from courses page in the back-end.
For example, it displays 24 while the number of certified students is around 100
Please see image

For the number to be updated and displayed there, a certified student workbook must be accessed by someone (facilitator/instructor).

  • Majid
    • Syntax Hero

    Hello Nathan
    I hope you are doing great today :slight_smile:

    This is the message that your students get at the end of the course

    Congratulations! You have completed Rugby Touch Judge Course – Referee 1001!
    Your course instructor will now review your work and get back to you with your final grade before issuing you a certificate of completion.

    So it's probably due to some modules that are required but not assessable.
    Can you please make sure all the modules are "Assessable", I noticed some of them are not in the Signals units.

    Let me know if that helped.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there Nathan,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    I've exported this course and tested it in a local installation of mine.

    My colleague Majid was referring to all Single Choice modules found in the "Referee Signals" unit. Please make sure that all of these are assessable.

    Could you also please go to "Test your Knowledge" unit and in the Image module you have added in the "Completing the Course" section, simply set an image URL, as this section was getting skipped otherwise.

    After making these changes, please create a testing student user and check how that goes!

    Warm regards,

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