CoursePro breaks BuddyPress 1.5 forums content

I'm running WordPress 4.1 (not multi-site) using BuddyPress 1.5, and the JetPack Edit CSS module, with the WPMU DEV "Studio" theme.

When I activate CoursePro it was originally breaking both JetPack CSS (would display the header, but no CSS content), as well as the BuddyPress forums (would display everything except the actual post). I was noticing this with CoursePro

The update Marko released a few days ago ( fixed the CSS issue, but not the BuddyPress forums problem. I wanted to attach screen prints to show how the post properly appears when CoursePro is deactivated, and then what breaks when I turn it on, but am not seeing anything to allow me to do this).

I have the exact same behaviour on another site I am hosting, using the Commons-in-a-Box native Infinity theme instead of Studio, but since the CoursePro update it actually breaks the entire site.

The latter is a site where I was paying a great deal more to host the setup on DreamPress using Varnish, which really does not play nicely at all with BuddyPress, so I'm migrating away from it. It could be bumping heads with other plugins I have in use on the site.

The current site, however, has very few plug-ins, and is almost exclusively WPMU Dev driven. (Suffice to say, it behaves a whole lot better :wink: )

Thanks a bunch for any assistance you can provide with this.


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Sue!

    This is bbPress, correct? This might actually not be CoursePress at work here, can you do me a favor and try this plugin, here:

    There is an issue with some themes and some plugins (I've seen it on one of my sandboxes), this is a tiny little fix plugin that adjusts how a particular variable is handled so that forum topics appear again. Let me know if this doesn't fix it for you, and I'm more than happy to take a closer look, but that tool helped me when my forum went blank a few weeks ago. (It saved me from a heart attack, too, I was trying to help fix a bbPress issue at the time.)

    Thanks, Sue!

  • Sue
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @Michelle Shull, yes, bbPress, and this plug-in fixed it. Thank you!

    It only seems to be CoursePress that breaks it for me, but the description Robin Wilson gives of the issue at her site makes it clear this is something the BuddyPress folks need to get on.

    Your team just blows me away, not only with how friendly and supportive you are, but how lightning quick you are with your responses! I wrote a Yelp review on you today and gave you 5 stars. Your plug-ins and your team are top-drawer.

    Thanks again, very much,

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