Courses embedded video not copied over when duplicating course

I've created 11 courses that I am exporting/importing to replicated Pro-Sites. Last week, I had to redo them all and re-import because there was a problem with the video module. So I changed all 60 videos to text modules using video embed and that is all working fine. So I changed them on all of the sites. However, I had created them as a user that my subsites are blocked from editing (User Role Editor) UGH!! So now I need to recreate the courses as a different user. I tried one to test and the subsite can access to edit but the videos did not copy over!!!! Probably, the easiest solution would to change the author of the 11 courses rather than duplicating them but I can't find how to change the author. CoursePress doesn't have a meta for author. Can you help?

  • Huberson

    I have tested that with the same embed link from your course in two test sites and the link is copied over. Here's my process:
    1 - Create the course while login as the main admin(user 1) with the embed video link and export it( site 1) .
    2 - Import the course into the second site (site 2) while login as main admin(user 1)
    3 - Login with another admin(user 2) and duplicate the imported course(site 2).

    Please let me know if anything is missing in my process. In both sites in my test, the duplicated course still have the embedded video.

    You can also create a test course with the same video embed, and provide me with a user credentials I can use to replicate that from your site.

    The test user information can be added in the support note


  • antKat

    Hi Huberson,
    Today, I spent many hours. I had logged into site one (main) as the user that I wanted the courses to have as author (#10). I duplicated all of the courses which the text modules with the video embeds were stripped of the src. I went through each one and re-entered the src in text editor, switched to visual editor and could see the video and saved the module. Dumb me, I went through all of the courses and re-inserted the embed codes without realizing that NONE of them actually saved! I then thought if I added a new text module and embedded the code as the new user/author that it may save but it didn't either.

    Looking at your process, you got it to work only by exporting and then importing it into another site with the original user and then logging in as the user I want and then duplicate it. So this issue is the original site? I am not following in that what is the cause that your process is over-coming? I'm not looking forward to spending the whole day again tomorrow on this - but if you do have a method that will work. If you w ant to try on my network, why not try on the courses that I am struggling with. On the main site, all of the courses that have the name with extension "old" were created with user #11 and the video embeds are there. Then you will also find the ones I created/duplicated today with the user #10 but the video embeds are not there even after I manually added them back and "saved" them.

    If you need a different site to import, then use demodesigns I will add the credentials in the support note. Thank you for your help.

  • Huberson

    Hi Kathy,
    I was able to replicate that login as demo user from your main site. As soon as I duplicate the module, the iframe containing the video is just stripped off leaving only the container, and the course won't save either.
    I did the same process on a test site - create course with user 1, login as user 2 and duplicate - the videos all copied over. In my test user 2 is also admin since user with role editor can't duplicate course on my test site.

    That leave me to think there might be permission issue somewhere causing this sort of bug, which could also be related to the saving issue. Since most of the plugins are network activated and there are live sites on the network, couldn't deactivate any plugin on the demo site to check that further.

    Try elevating demo user privileges(maybe admin temporary) and perform a test with one of the courses. You might also want to perform a plugin conflict test when the sites have less traffic to make sure it's not some conflict with another plugin.
    Basically, you will have to deactivate all plugins except CoursePress and make the test.

  • antKat

    Hi Huberson, thank you for all of your help. Wen I got up this morning, I saw that you had gone back to the video module. If you recall, that is what I originally started with; got 11 courses all completed, loaded them on to 20 sites an started finding that the videos were intermittently/randomly not displaying. Some courses all the videos were fine and others had 2-3 that just were blank screens. Through chat support, I had been advised to try the text module embed and you know the rest of the story. I'm not sure if it was you, but someone had suggested that I try editing the json file. When I first opened one and saw how many places needed to be changed, I shied away from the approach and went down the rabbit hole of the duplicate with stripped issue. Today, I decided to give the json edit a try. I made a mistake on the first one but with help got it resolved. I've now completed 3 of the 11 and they seem to be working. I will finish this bunch with this approach so that I can keep my customers from complaining. Afterwards, I will try the admin role and see if that solves the stripped src code.

    Again, thank you so much for all of your help.

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