courses list short code not showing correctly

I want to create a course page instead of the virtual page you currently have, since theme blog stetting is not look right to course page but what I want it to look like by blog so I don't want to switch theme. but I found a bug that I am not sure why its doing it.. in the course page all courses have the more details button.. but in the custom page... for some reason 2 of the courses the button doesn't show.

Your standard one

My Custom Layout

below is the short code I tried using.. i would like to also make the image thumbnail clickable as well.

[course_list show_button="yes" show_media="yes" two_column="no" show="title, summary, description, start, end, dates, enrollment_start, enrollment_end, enrollment_dates, enrollment_type, class_size, cost, language, instructors, button, action_links, calendar"]

ill grant you access after this submission