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I purchased and installed CoursePress Pro a while back, but am only now returning to develop our application.

I noticed in other posts that some of the issues are being addressed, but cannot tell if they have been completed.

We have only 3 courses, but will have lots of different teachers with their own students, each using the same course. Students need to sign up and pay for only their own teacher’s “version of the course.” We don’t charge the teacher for the course. Does CoursePress Pro work this way? Or do we have to duplicate the course each time for each new teacher?

If it is the latter, is there a method to reduce the selection of duplicated classes to make it easy for a student to sign up? (We will have hundreds of teachers).

And I see where we can limit what a teacher can do (editing their own classes, for instance, or seeing only the students in their own classes), but I don’t see whether it is possible for a teacher to create his own class (with our course).

In reading the documentation, I thought I read that installing CoursePress Pro would create Signup and My Courses pages and menu items. I have the menu items, but not the pages (one reason I can test how the signup works and whether it will work for us).

Am I correct in this? If so, how can I correct this and add the pages?

Thank you for your help.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Robert,

    Hope you’re well?

    It doesn’t quite work in that way, you would first create the course, then assign an instructor to that course (or multiple instructors)

    But there isn’t any way currently that you can link students to a specific instructor.

    The way you could do that though, is to use multisite, so each teacher has their own subsite, you can then setup coursepress on each site, and they can then create their own courses, and only have their classes/users registered on that subsite.

    You can use a plugin such as new blog templates to create a default site as a template which will then be used to create any new site, so when you add a new teacher, the theme, plugins and settings etc will already be configured pretty much.

    Hope this helps

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