Courspress and Upfront


I'm trying to implement Course Press using an Upfront based theme.
It seems to be having issues though (although, I've probably made some mistakes!)

Whilst I can create a page that shows the course details, and prompts sign up

Everything else from there doesn't seem to work. The virtual pages don't render properly. So whilst a student could sign up, they can't seem to actually take the course.

The course page is blank

and any furhter pages (so take this course etc) seem not to be working.

Whilst I have managed to implement a version of the dsahboard it then takes you to the course details page, which doesn't seem to be rendered. You also can't seem to access the dashboard, unless I put a link in the navigation (is there a way to make a log-in redirect to the dashboard?)

Also, the courses page display an archive page

How do I fix this? Is it possible to implemet course press using upfront? What else may I need to do.

I've granted admin access in case that is needed.

Any help greatly appreciated.