CoursPress speed and performance VERY slow on front-end

Hi there,

I’m referring to this topic of mine:

This is an SERIOUS issue!

The front-end of a course is SUPER SLOW.

Especially logging in and when you click between Units to Notifications or any of the Menu items in the dashboard.

My hosting company is saying that the server is not the cause of the delay and that it’s the plugin and I must optimize.

I’ve tried all the suggestions from your blog on how to speed up my site:

1) Caching

2) Optimizing images

3) Minify js/css

4) GZIP Compression

5) Many more…

Nothing is working…..

I would really appreciate a solution here, as the project has been standing still for months now and it’s in serious trouble. Feel free to check all the tickets I’ve submitted over the last few months and now this.

If the website is operating that SLOW, I might as well pull the plug on the project, because no one will be signing up :slight_frown: