Courtesy Request… Confirmation missing… please reply asap

Hello Support Team,

we are wondering if you received our support request or did they go lost or does they stuck anywhere in the pipeline?

Sorry, but usually we receive within approx. an hour at least from the one on duty at dashboard a confirmation to which expert the support call has been forwarded.

Unfortunately today we contacted you three times … one request is really very urgent (and obviously also probably only a minor task about settings)…. however, we are unsure shall we forward our requests once again?

PLEASE be so kind reply about status asap… that’s would be such a fabulous gesture of you.



  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Prinz,

    We recently lost one of our weekend staffers. In the process of hiring someone new :slight_smile: this is the reason for the delays right now. We have staff putting in overtime to help catch up on the new tickets. Apologies for the wait times right now.

    We’re working through all tickets from oldest to newest so should be getting to yours shortly(jumped the queue for this one). Just wanted to let you know quick that your tickets did not get lost.

    Talk to you again soon!



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