CousePress Pro – Creating, managing and selling online courses in WordPress has never been easier.

Hey all,

Some of you will recall we launched a beta of a plugin called CoursePress sometime back, we listened to all of your super awesome feedback and we’re now ready to officially launch CoursPress so go grab yourself a copy and have a play:

coursepress pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress – whether you’re selling or sharing your knowledge, this plugin will save you time and make your work stand out.

It even comes with its own beautiful theme, seriously go check it out!

Sell courses via credit card and PayPal

You can run your courses for free, or sell them to participants through credit card, PayPal or manual payments, you can even show potential students previews of your course. Upgrade for access to dozens of gateways.

If you find any bugs then please open a new ticket to ensure we can track and provide support:

Have fun people, and thanks for being awesome members helping us get this great plugin out to you! :slight_smile: