cPanel Email Forwarder Creator at Signup

It would be great to have the ability to automatically create an email address that matches a new blog's subdomain and will forward to the email address used at signup. OR the ability to create an email address that matches a blog's subdomain as a Supporter Upgrade option.

Here is a Email Forwarder Creator script for cPanel.

There is a cPanel Operations script but that only allows administrators to create an email address, not forwarders and it may not work with the latest version of Wordpress.

It would be nice to be able to offer a directory listing that pulls the data from the WPMU network database.

Reversing the direction of creation would actually be ideal. Imagine the user filling out a form that will create the data that goes into the directory and at the same time is used to create a Wordpress based site on a subdomain with matching forwarding email address.

  • Sean

    Hi Phil,

    I am working on putting all the pieces together.


    1) Offer businesses on Guam a standardized business site like with a matching email (instant website with matching email)

    2) Offer chiropractors a minicard style site on with a matching email

    Ideally the user will enter their information on a simple form which will create the Wordpress blog on a subdomain propagated with the user submitted information. I believe that I will probably use New Blog Templates. or a similar plugin. Not sure yet how I can feed or pass the user information into the fields at signup. The directory will need to be able to search on and return data from all the blogs. I will be considering using appthemes upcoming Vantage Business Directory theme. I am sure it will need some significant modification though. My favorite directory of ones I seem is The return page and detail page design is simple clean and well thought out. By offering a directory listing, virtual business card or website, and matching vanity email address with the right domain I think that is something users will pay for even if they already have a website. If the don't have a website then they can pay for the Domain Mapping to the site created at sign-up. Ideally they should be able to edit the data that is used by their blog/site and directory listing without needing to access the Wordpress backend/dashboard. All the settings should be handled by the by New Blog Templates so all they may need or want to edit is the basic business information like the phone number, address, hours etc. I created the directory for chiropractors back in 1999. When the chiropractor clicked on " "Chiropractors add your listing" on's old home page it would take them to a form that would collect the basic information for the listing. After the listing was created they could add additional information like office hours and set preferences like wether to display their year of graduation. The search result detail page was formatted like a website for the doctor. They could log in and change the listing with a simple form based interface. I still had to manually set up email forwarding. By using an inline frame with a pre-formated search I could put the search result on a subdomain or any domain for that matter allowing me to essentially offer them a website that was generated by the information in the database. To change information all they needed to do was to login and edit information using simple forms.

    If you know of any plugins that might allow adding and editing data without the user needing to have direct access to the backend please let me know.

    Kind regards,

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