Cpanel screwing up WordPress Updates

Hey everyone —

I’m having problems with updating WordPress on a bunch of my sites. Here’s the problem:

* Installed WordPress using Cpanel

* Installed plugins and built the site (including Hummingbird, Defender, Smush, Snapshot, etc)

* WordPress Updates are not shown as available on the Update page

* Clicking reinstall WordPress just goes to a white page still in the back end – not white screen of death)

* Can’t update WordPress through Cpanel

***Get this error:

This Addon has been modified (or the upgrade test failed) and is no longer updatable via this function.

If you really want to force the upgrade please type the following in to the form below:

I fully understand what I am doing and take full responsibility for my actions. I have backed up all my data so I can remove the installation, reinstall fresh and import my old info into the new install if necessary. I understand that anything that breaks by forcing this upgrade is 100% my responsibility.

I’d really like to just be able to update each of my sites in the WP backend and not mess with Cpanel. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!