CPT's gone in CustomPress after change from Multisite to Single

I followed the instructions here: http://fiddlerstudios.com/how-to/how-to-revert-a-wordpress-multisite-to-a-single-site/ (yes, I wrote them previously). To revert http://goldfinchpublishing.com/ from a Multisite to a single site, because the original intention of the Multisite ended up not working out. However, after doing that, I’ve lost all CPT’s from CustomPress. CustomPress was network activated before the move. I de-network-activated as part of the change, then activated again after the conversion to single site. No tables were removed, so I assume the data’s still in the posts table. But how do I get CustomPress to recognize it’s there and that it was created by CP and should show up in it’s Admin pages?