Cpu problem?


Some WPMU DEV’s members get same issue before,I read older topics.but I want to ask,

What is the best option for deal with cpu problem?


  • NetPotion
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    I was hesitant to install this after reading some of the previous posts about the cpu/memory load, but I went ahead and did it anyway & figured I would watch things as I progressed.

    Bad idea. =)

    My CPU was next to nothing before installation and it shot up over 90% after install with 2 users. I had to uninstall the plugin and reboot my server to get the CPU back to where it should be.

    My memory also shot up by around 10% w/768mb’s installed. Again, with only 2 users (idle at the time because I was looking at the resources of my server.)

    This plugin is totally unusable on my installation. (Which is multi-site 3.2.1 with the latest chat plugin)

    I only had this plugin activated on the single (main site) domain at the time too.

    I took the screenshot while the CPU was on its way up. It has never been this high on my server. Not even close.

  • NetPotion
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Just wondering if anyone is looking into this – or if those of us with this problem should look for another alternative? I did find a chat that works, but it’s not as nice as this one could be.

    I’m hoping to use mostly WPMUDEV plugins from now on. ; )



  • Mason
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    Hiya folks,

    We DO have an update in the works for the chat plugin. Just a note that we also use it on our own install here and don’t have an issue – but we’ll be digging into this.

    Probably won’t have a release ready until after the 1st (though, I’m still trying to be positive) :smiley:

    I’ve also asked Mohanjith, the plugin developer, to respond here with any thoughts/tips as well.


  • Miss B Hayving
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    I’ve had a couple of cpu issues (under statement of the year hehe) – here’s my tale…

    I had my WPMU Buddypress site on Hostgator reseller account and they suspended my account on a daily basis for a couple of weeks while I was trying to sort out the issue. It’s not a terribly large site by MU standards – just over 100 sites and 170 members.

    The problem file was admin-ajax.php causing a MASSIVE cpu load.

    I spent endless hours googling for a fix, deactivating all plugins, activating one at a time, not activating all of them, deactivating all again, change the order that I reactivate, deactivate again, reactive only the very light stuff, deactivate again, reactivate only non-buddypress plugins, etc etc. The fixes that I found on google didn’t apply to me or were out of date.

    Finally Hostgator guaranteed me that if I spend a truck load more money per month on vps level 5 that this would solve all my problems….


    The next round of cpu issues started within 2 days of the transfer and was being caused my wp-load.php – it was forgetting to turn itself off is what HG told me.

    So onto another round of research, deactivate and reactivate and 50 million gazillion chats with HG support. (credit where it’s due – HG support are bloody brilliant… not once did they tell me to buggar off and hire a techie)

    I didn’t have the chat plugin activated – was using a buddypress one instead.

    I also had a DOH moment when I realised that I was only checking plugins in the plugin folder and hadn’t checked any of the mu-plugins. I actually think it may have been a mu-plugin that may have been the cause of my problems – but honestly I got to the stage where I was happy with the plugins activated and couldn’t be arsed looking closer for the culprit (I’d wasted enough time).

    I’ve since reactivated all non-buddypress plugins and only the essential buddypress plugins – (touch wood) all is sweet for the moment… though I’d really like to have some of the other plugins running, but ah well such is live I guess.

  • S H Mohanjith
    • Developer

    You could increase the interval between chat polls the server. By default the interval is set to 1s, if you increase it to 2s CPU load will reduce by 50%.

    CPU load is caused by CPU being hit by all users using chat once a second. If you have 5 users, that’s 5 connections per second. Which can be too much for shared host and apparently even for Host Gator VPS.

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