Crashed WordPress with Plugin

We added several plugins to our wordpress site and are just wondering which ones have potential for crashing wordpress. A couple say that they are for websites other than wordpress so am wondering if this is the case. We have: Akismet, Automessage, Events +, Google Maps, Hello Dolly, Jetpack by wordpress, login redirect, logout redirect, marketpress, membership premium, pay with a like, popover plugin, sitewit, snapshot, ultimate branding, ultimate Facebook, uppsite – go Mobile, wpmu dev dashboard, youtube featured video.

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    hi @drjared

    Welcome to our community, hope you are finding your way around ok.

    Thanks for posting, & is a good question.

    All of the plugins from WPMUDEV should work fine with the latest version of WP &/or multisite.

    I can’t speak for other 3rd party plugins. that doesn’t mean they won’t work or have the potential to crash, sometimes you get a plugin that doesn’t play nice with another, maybe they have class names that are identical etc. so whilst I can say all of our plugins will work fine, I can’t guarantee that something will never go wrong, everything has that potential.

    Akismet, comes with WP as default, so that should work fine.

    Hello Dolly, is just a fun plugin that comes with WP (you can safely remove it if you don’t use it)

    please be aware tho, that some of our plugins may require a WP Multisite install & will not work on a single site install,

    just check on the plugins compatibility in the Usage tab of the plugin. if it says WordPress 3.5.1 & Multisite, then it is compatible with both a single & multisite install. if it just states multisite, then it is only compatible with a multisite install.

    If you need to find out which plugin is causing the crash & can’t access the admin dashboard, you can disable the plugins from FTP.

    simply FTP to your site, navigate to wp-content/plugins

    then rename each plugin (example. Akismet rename to akismet_tmp)

    then try to access admin. do this 1 by 1. once you discover the plugin responsibe, let us know, especially if it is 1 of ours.

    hope this is useful. feel free to ask if you require further help.


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