Create 20 Buddypress group chat rooms with own sidebar

Hi, Here is my goal...

I need to create 20 Chatrooms within buddypress or bbpress which can have their own sidebar assigned so each group page is like specific area. The site is an EPL soccer site with the 20 teams which have been added as 'Groups'. I want each EPL team / group to have its own page/area where they can chat and also access their team stats/tables/club info in the sidebar which will have to be specific to that club. This is why i need to be able to assign a different sidebar to each soccer club page.

The site is and you can log in and see what i am trying to achieve.

Currently i am trying to assign a different sidebar to each buddypress group which appears to be a big issue to solve.

Is there another way round this to get the chat facility / club info in the sidebar on each page?

Many thanks in advance.