Create a fundraising website that has the look and feel of

After installing and trying out the fundraising plugin, I find that it is far from what I would expect to setup a website that has the look and feel of

Could you give me some pointers as to how I could build something close to the look and feel of by myself? I am new to WordPress.


  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi Brian!

    What features from Kickstarter were you looking to implement on your site?

    Obviously to get the right look you'll need to look for a theme that is similar to what Kickstarter are using. The Fundraising plugin is designed to work with most themes, so it's best to worry more about finding a theme that has the right layout etc.

    As far as getting the right feel is concerned, that depends on what you want to be able to achieve. If you can give us a bit more detail about your plan we can hopefully give you some more targeted advice.

  • brianto

    Hi Elliott,
    Similar to, I would like to list the name of categories of projects on the right column of the webpage.

    The last submitted project of the first category will be shown on the centered left of the webpage. There will be a link to show all the projects regarding this category either above or below this displayed project.

    Further down the webpage will be another section that displays the most popular and soon to be closed project for pledging. There will be a link to show the other popular projects as well.


  • Elliott Bristow

    HI @brianto,

    Sorry I haven't come back to you sooner... I was literally discussing your question with my colleague when you posted!

    Is it your plan to allow your users to post their own fundraisers, or are you looking to list them yourself?

    If you want to list them yourself then this idea is achievable with this plugin, although some custom coding may be necessary to be able to create widgets to display the listing sections you are looking for, perhaps some custom widgets and widget areas.

    If you are looking to do this for your users to post, you will need to set up a WordPress Multisite, assigning your users their own subsite to post their own fundraisers. Again, to display the listings on the home page you would likely need some widgets set up.

    I have tagged the developer for this thread to see if he has any further comments on this one, or in case there is a simpler way to achieve your aim than the way I have suggested.

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